Criminal Check Procedure

We need to do a criminal check on all our applicants, to make sure they don’t have a record of child abuse or a criminal record.

We have an agency that does the check for us and by signing the form you give the agency permission to run the check.

We will only accept a criminal record check from our agency & no other check that has been done.

Below is the procedure to be followed to get the check done:

  1. Attach the indemnity form, fully completed & signed to your application .
  2. Advise me with your full residential address, date & time for the appointment.
  3. I will make the appointment for you; unfortunately you can’t make the appointment yourself.
  4. I will confirm the date, time & address for the appointment.
  5. When you won’t be able to make the appointment, please E-Mail me 24 hrs before the appointment date, so that I can advise them to cancel the appointment.
  6. Please remember to take your ID Book / Passport with you.
  7. You don’t have to pay for the criminal record check & the report will be e-mail directly to me.
  8. The fingerprints are taken via a biometric scanner.
  9. After you have done the appointment, please send me an E-Mail to confirm that you have done the appointment. I have to confirm with the agency that you have done the fingerprints & they can get the criminal record check for me.

IF you are living in an area where there is no branch:

You then need to get your fingerprints done at a Police Station and state that they need to take fingerprints for employment purposes.

The form for the fingerprints are the SAPS 91(a)  (there is no payment to be made to get this form & your fingerprints done) & not any other form because then they are going to charge you.

Please send the original fingerprint document, Copy of ID & the signed Indemnity Form to me at the following address:

Postal Address:


Attention:  Charmaine Arthur

P O Box 949



Physical Address:


Attention: Charmaine Arthur

Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club

1 Fairway Avenue




Please inform the education department when you have done the fingerprints & posted or couriered the form with a tracking number.

Click through to the criminal check indemnity form