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Upgrading and Classification is closely linked with learning and participation in webinars, seminars, workshops and online courses for which CPD points are awarded. 

However, Members should see the value in education as an opportunity to improve and upskill themselves and enhance their current position, rather than simply only to get CPD points for an upgrade.  The focus should be on education not upgrading!

We will do our best to provide educational opportunities that are current, as well as topical and will take cognisance of Members’ requests and suggestions for content and the manner in which material is presented that was highlighted in the Members’ Needs Assessment.

To this end, we will include both PGA of SA courses on the “Course Record”, external providers with whom we have built courses for our members and/or other external providers whose courses are recommended.  These are being updated monthly.

In addition, we recognise ALL education that is undertaken that is pertinent to your job – including courses that are not available on our education platform. 

For any and all CPD queries, please contact


Trackman University offer FREE courses to coaches who wish to understand ball flight laws, course management and definitions of terms you’ve heard such as smash factor, spin rate, launch angle, spin axis, gear effect, bounce & roll, spin loft, dynamic loft and more.  This is ideally suited to the newly qualified PGA of SA Professional who is going to embark on a coaching career.

The “learning” segments should not take much longer than 2 hours.  The great thing about this course, is that you can break it down into manageable time segments and just go in and out of the site at will reading and completing segments to suit yourself.

All you need to do is go into the PGA of SA’s website, in the Members’ Section, under the “Education” tab and go into Ø Other Recommended Courses, click on, register and get going!

Start off with the “Library” which explains the 10 fundamentals of Distance, Smash factor, Spin Rate, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Club Path, Spin Axis, Gear Effect, Straight shot and Bounce and Roll, as well as what influences these fundamentals.

Then go into the “Course Management” section which discusses the effect of wind, weather and elevation on the flight of the ball.

The final part of “learning” comes in the forms of “Definitions” which is split up into four sections.

These three sections should take you approximately two hours. 

To conclude, you need to go into the “Games Room”, complete the tasks and start collecting trophies!

When you are finished, take a screen shot of both the “learning” screen and your “trophies” screen and send these to for CPD points.

Trackman also offer certification (which is not free) for Level 1, Level 2 and Master.  However, we do recommend that professionals continue with this education.












PGA OF SA: UPDATED 07.09.2021

E Study Suite of Working with Staff E Learning Courses

The PGA of SA has partnered with E Study to offer our members 4 courses that are aimed at managers of any level that are required to work with a team.

  1. Assessing performance within your team
  2. Feedback essentials
  3. Monitor and evaluate team members
  4. Self-confidence and communication

The cost of the courses is R400 per course and for all 4 courses R1400

In order to access these courses you need to email She will ask our accounts to invoice you and when you have paid we will notify E study and they will give you access to the course.

Scroll down to see a description of each course

Assessing performance within your team


Conducting regular performance reviews is an important and constructive way to evaluate the contributions an employee is making to the company. Sitting down to conduct an employee performance evaluation with a staff member is the part of the appraisal process most leaders dread even though the annual performance reviews are a key component of employee development. This course will support the participant to overcome the dread of the performance appraisal by giving practical guidelines on how to manage the process of performance assessment more effectively.


You will learn how to manage the performance appraisal / review process more effectively. More than one method of setting objectives are presented for the learner to choose which one to apply in his / her workplace scenario. Various guidelines and practical examples are provided for the day of the review itself.


The learner will be able to:
1. Understand that there is more than one method to formulate objectives;
2. Understand how to monitor objectives agreed to;
3. Understand the reason why appraisal interview is held;
4. Understand how to conduct a performance appraisal/review; and
5. How to manage difficult appraisal situations


7 hours

Feedback Essentials


Feedback can help staff members to progress and develop their skills provided it is given in the right way. During this course tools are provided to enable the learner to apply it practically in the workplace.


How can I give constructive feedback? How should I congratulate a colleague? How can I successfully manage a personal development interview? How should I respond to poor performance? These questions and more will be answered during this course.


5 hours

Monitor and evaluate team members


In the challenging and changing environment within which we operate, performance and performance monitoring is an excellent tool to ensure that a team gets the opportunity to become more collaborative to within a global mind-set.
In this learning track, learners are guided to monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards. This learning track has a true blended learning approach which incorporates theory, practical tasks, workplace application and various video casts presented by global leaders on the various topics.

Measuring our employees is a shared duty, company’s and yours! We truly hope you will enjoy this programme and develop your skills and competences for the future!


  1. Formulate performance standards for team members in a unit
  2. Establish systems for monitoring performance
  3. Prepare for a performance review of a team member


People completing this course will be able to:

  1. Formulate performance standards for team members in a unit;
  2. Incorporate feedback from team members into performance standards;
  3. Establish systems for monitoring performance of team members;
  4. Identify and review a variety of performance monitoring systems;
  5. Set up the system for monitoring performance against standards;
  6. Prepare for a performance review of a team member;
  7. Conduct a preliminary assessment of performance against agreed standards;
  8. Identify methods for constructive feedback; and
  9. Conduct performance review interviews.


This Qualification is intended for managers in all economic sectors. These managers would typically be second level managers such as:

  1. Heads of department,
  2. Section heads, or
  3. Divisional heads who may have more than one team reporting to them

Self-Confidence and Communication


Self-confidence is a key asset in tense psychological situations, such as conflict between colleagues or difficult relations with a client. Communication can be structured in an assertive way to achieve the desired outcome within a specific situation.


Why do some people come over as rock-steady and in control, while others shrink back and allow themselves to be taken advantage of, unable to communicate their needs or to assert what they’re entitled to? How do self-confident people do it? Where does their strength come from?

Learning path

What is self-confidence? What is the best way to formulate a request? What is the best way of expressing a refusal? How can I be assertive in difficult situations? These questions and more are answered as the learner progresses through the course.


People accredited with this course will understand:

  1. What the key characteristics of self-confident people are;
  2. What their potential for being self-confident is;
  3. How to engage in an interaction calmly and confidently;
  4. How to formulate a request or refusal assertively; and
  5. How to express their position effectively, without being aggressive.

For the PGA member who is involved in or who wishes to become involved in Club Management, CMASA offers a selection of education according to your needs. The prices mentioned below apply to staff of clubs that are members of CMASA. PGA members can join CMASA as individual members for R1222 per annum, in order to enjoy CMASA benefits.

There are three different levels of education:

  1. Short courses on CMASA Learning Central portal
  2. Manager in Development Diploma
  3. BMI and CCM qualification

CMASA E Learning offers the following modules:


Communicating as a Manager and a Leader

Articulating Expectations of your Staff

Constructing your Customer Journey Map

Appraising Staff

Emotional Intelligence

Coaching & Mentoring Individuals

Food and Beverage

Waiter 101

Introduction to Wine Service

Introduction to Whisky

Communication 101

Introduction to the Game of Golf

Building Relationships

Golf Operations

Retail Service 101

Retail Sales

Building Relationships

The Cost is R1250 ex vat per learner for the management modules, and R1000 ex vat for the Frontline staff modules i.e. Food and Beverage and Golf Operations, for 12 month’s access to the portal.


Manager in Development

The MID is a Diploma programme for mid-level and senior managers. It is internationally recognised by all the club management associations who are global affiliate partners of CMAA (Club Management Association of America)

There are 12 modules in the full MID Programme, which is broken down into three specialisations.

MID Certificate of Specialization: Club Management Essentials

Club Governance and Organization

Financial Management

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Careers in Club Management

MID Certificate of Specialization: Club Operations

Food Operations

Beverage Operations

Facilities Management Practices

Club Training Principles and Practices

MID Certificate of Specialization: Club Leadership

Club Leadership Principles

Golf, Sports and Recreation Management

Human Resources Management

Marketing Principles and Membership

The cost is R1000 ex vat per module, or R3000 ex vat per specialization or R8500 ex vat for the whole qualification. CMASA advises to do the R3000 option as this breaks the programme down into more manageable chunks.


The BMI programme is the pathway to the CCM (Certified Club Managers) qualification recognised internationally by the Club Managers Association of America, and their global affiliate partners.

Each BMI course lasts a week (5 x days) and a selection of the below core competencies are covered. The Education component includes food from Mon-Fri, is R14 500 ex vat for the week, accommodation, travel etc is extra. We recommend that the club/PGA member budget R20 000 to R22 500 per BMI per delegate.

Requirement is to complete four compulsory BMI’s (each worth 30 CPD credits) and candidates must achieve 300 CPD credits before being eligible to write the CCM exam.

The Four BMI programmes are:

  • BMI – Leadership Principles
  • BMI – Club Management
  • BMI – Food & Beverage Management
  • BMI – GM/COO Concept












For more in depth information on all of the above consult the CMASA website at

We recognize any learning that makes you better at your job. Just email to let her know what course you did, an overview of what was covered, how long it took and attach your certificate.

Some courses that we recommend are;


The PGA has a Health and Safety partner in Professional Golf Club Auditing run by owner, director Etienne Breytenbach. Contact Etienne on 076 018 3427 or for an assessment of your facility or to find out when the next H&S training will take place.


Click on the link to visit their website and see how they can assist you in your journey.

Keep us informed of your progress to be awarded CPD points


If you have done any other e-learning and would like to either apply for CPD credits or recommend them to be accredited please email

Earn CPD points by doing Titleist University’s free courses. – Click here to visit the main Titleist University page

Each course is worth 5 CPD points. Please print and save your certificate on completion of the course and email to

If you haven’t taken the previous courses or want a refresher, click on the links below to go directly to the courses:

Ball Flight 101

Ball Flight 102

Driver Fitting Principles

Iron Fitting Principles

Long Game Fitting Principles

Wedge Fitting Principles

PGA of Australia E Learning: The Fairway


The PGA of Australia have given us access to their ACE (Accreditation and Continuing Education) programme. They divide their programme (and member classifications) into 4 streams: Coaching, Small Business, Game Development and Management.

We have listed, for your convenience, the modules that are available in each of these categories.

When converting Ace Credits to CPD points a good rule of thumb (but this needs to be confirmed by PGA SA education department) is that 1 Ace Credit is 20 CPD points.

You can see the Ace page by clicking on this link and using the details that were e mailed to you to log in.

In order to be given access to the material you need to pay Aus$ 50 which will be offset against the education that you choose.



The Coaching Stream concentrates on developing knowledge and skills relating to coaching the sport of golf at all levels in an effective manner, providing the opportunity to enhance and maintain golf coaching abilities.

  • 2017 PGA Golf Expo – ACE Credits 2.0
  • 2018 ACE Coaching Series – Andrew Rice – ACE Credits 1.0
  • 2014 PGA Coaching Summit – ACE Credits 3.0
  • 2012 PGA Coaching Summit – ACE Credits 3.0
  • Masters Golf Conditioning – David Darbyshire ACE Credits 0.175
  • From Playing to Coaching – David Wheadon – ACE Credits 0.25
  • 21st Century Golf Swing – Denis McDade – ACE Credits 0.25
  • The Modern Golf Coach – Henry Brunton – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Advanced Club Fitting – James Leitz – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Self Improvement – John Buchanan – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Motor Learning Principles – Paul Schempp – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Improving Swing Technique – Rob Neal & Michael Dalgleish – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Graeme DeLaet Case Study – Henry Brunton – ACE Credits 0.175
  • 3D Basics – Tony Morgan – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Understanding Ball Flight – James Leitz – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Common Traits of Successful Coaches – Steven Rynne – ACE Credits 0.175
  • Psychological Factors that affect Performance – ACE Credits: 0.5
  • Planning to Play the Game – ACE Credits: 0.5
  • Integrating Sport Psychology into your Coaching – ACE Credits: 0.5
  • Denis McDade – Junior Golf Programs – ACE Credits 0.25
  • 21st Century Coach – Taking Your Coaching Business Online – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Mark Sweeney – Accelerated Skill Acquisition for Putting – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Andrew Rice – Teaching and Attracting the Regular Golfer – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Dr Sasho Mackenzie – Understanding Golf Club Kinetics – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • How to Fit the Best Players in the World – Tom Davies – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Boditrak Ground Mechanics – Clint Rice – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Create a More Coachable Body – Scott Williams – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • GravityFit – Lessons from the PGA Tour – Nick Randall – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Grip Size Optimisation Study – Liam Mucklow – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • From the Daily Teaching Grind to Coaching Entrepreneur – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Launching Your Business With Trackman – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Laws of Accuracy and Incremental Learning – Peter Croker – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Skill Acquisition in Practice – Peter Arnott – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Coaching Skill in the Real World – Damian Farrow – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The Lost Art of Putting – Gary Nichol and Karl Morris – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Building a Champion Golfer – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Live Lesson – Cameron McCormick – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Improving Your Coaching – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Measuring Lesson Effectiveness – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Common Swing Characteristics – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Game Based Approach to Developing Golfers – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The Body Swing Connection – Dr Josh Nelson – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • How an Excel Sheet Got Me On the PGA Tour – Stuart Leong- Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The Paradigm Shift to Coaching Programs and Branding – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Trackman Performance Putting – Niklas Bergdahl – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Using Data to Improve Putting – Jochem Burghouts – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125


Small Business

The Small Business stream covers all aspects of operating a golf club Pro-shop business in the modern golf industry.

  • 2017 PGA Golf Expo – ACE Credits 2.0
  • Creating Loyal & Passionate Customers & Clients – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Driving Customer Value – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Building a Coaching Business – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Business Planning for Retail Success – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Small Business Leadership (Engaging With Your Community) – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The Future of Golf Retail (Combating Online Retailers) – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Developing a Business Plan – ACE Credits 1.5
  • Retail Tribe Webinars – Value of a PGA Member – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Visual Merchandising – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Maximising Your Retail Presence – Joel Monahan – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Internet Marketing for Business – Tim Martin – ACE Credits: 0.25
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations – Roger Simpson – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Transforming Your Business Through Coaching Programs – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.375
  • Sales Success – Tony Gattari – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Build Your Personal Brand – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Develop a Marketing Plan – ACE Credits 1.0
  • Develop and Maintain a Service Level Strategy – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Create Electronic Presentations – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Manage Finances – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Take Your Coaching Business Online With Skillest – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125


Game Development

The Game Development stream focuses on strategies for increasing participation in the sport of golf, with topics including junior, female and school programs, competitions, events and tournaments, and Membership enhancement and retention programs.

  • The PGA Professional as the Chief Engagement Officer – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The Global Golf Business and Future Trends – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Retail Tribe Series – Playbooks & Webinars – ACE Credits 1.75
  • ASADA – Level 1 Anti Doping – ACE Credits 0.5
  • PGA All Abilities Coach Accreditation – ACE Credits 2.0
  • Evening 4 x 4 x 4 Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The Gift of Distance Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Occasional Golfers: A Playing Schedule Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The 10 Foot Challenge Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The Gift of Better Golf for Christmas Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • The 10 Meter Challenge Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Hybrid Hustle Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Flop Shot Championship Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Par 3 Tournament Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Chip & Sip Playbook – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Workplace Training Program – ACE Credits 1.0
  • Financial Knowledge Centre – ACE Credits 0.5
  • MyGolf Club – ACE Module 0.25 ACE Credits
  • MyGolf Schools – ACE Module 0.25 ACE Credits
  • Vision 2025 Road – Chyloe Kurdas – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Effective Communication – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Pro Am Tournament Planning – ACE Credits 1.0
  • Social Media – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Women in Golf – ACE Credits 0.5
  • R&A Rules Academy – Rules of Golf – ACE Credits 0.25
  • New Golfer Programs – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Myths About Recreational Female Golfers – Webinar Recording – ACE Credits 0.125



The Management Stream provides education and training in the most relevant areas that will enhance opportunities to successfully transition into the variety of management oriented roles within the golf industry.

  • 2017 PGA Golf Expo – ACE Credits 2.0
  • Understanding Current & Future Golfers – ACE Credits 0.125
  • Media Skills – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Manage Meetings – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Diploma of Golf Management (E-Learning) 10459NAT – PGA IGI – ACE Credits 4.0
  • Risk Analysis in the Workplace – ACE Credits 1.0
  • Understanding Human Resources – ACE Credits 0.25
  • Effective Recruitment – ACE Credits 0.75
  • Manage Quality Customer Service – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Manage People Performance – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Plan and Establish Compliance Management Systems – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Manage Employee Relations – ACE Credits 0.5
  • Develop Sustainable Business Practices – ACE Credits 0.5