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Qualifying as a PGA member

There are two ways in which you can qualify as a PGA member.

One is to do the PGA’s academic programme as a student at a tertiary institution; the other is to join the PGA as an apprentice member.

In the former the student remains an amateur and has the advantage of studying full time and playing in amateur tournaments. Students have to do some of their practical time while they are studying and make up the rest with the PGA as apprentices.

Apprentices on the other hand do their studies through the PGA while serving a 3 year apprenticeship. They have to be a 5 handicap or better, have matric and be employed by a fully qualified PGA member, and then join the PGA and give up their amateur status.

On-site training is the backbone of training received by young professionals and the academic component is done via distance learning. Daily contact in a personal relationship with a professional often with many years’ experience provides an ideal atmosphere for learning.

Both students and apprentices have to show their practical competency by passing a Custom Fitting Practical and Teaching Practical exams.

The apprentice also has to prove his Playing Ability by achieving a set standard of playing. The apprenticeship is not only a time of academic and practical application; it is also a time for the young pro to see how far he can take his game.

Whichever route is taken to attain full PGA status, the academic subjects done are the same:

This leaves the graduate with a broad knowledge of all aspects of the golf operation.

The PGA of South Africa is a member of the PGA of Europe and the training programme carries their accreditation & endorsement.

There are many career path options available to the PGA member:

PGA Apprentice Class of 2020

The PGA graduates of 2020

Derik Ferreira

Top 2020 Achiever : Derik Ferreira

The PGA Apprentice Programme



Are you keen on becoming a Golf Professional (as opposed to a Professional Golfer? The PGA of South Africa runs an apprentice programme that is on a par with the best in the world and confers internationally accreditation status to its graduates. 

If you wish to register please do not hesitate to contact the PGA head office on 011 485 1370.

Below is a summary of the process which you will undergo and criteria that will need to be fulfilled in order to qualify as a member of the PGA.

Registering with the PGA

To qualify to register with the PGA you must have: