John Dickson

Teaching Pro of the year 2012 John Dickson has been teaching golf since 1995.  He has been a full time Teaching Professional in Durban since 1999 was Head Teaching Professional at Durban Country Club since 2006 to 2016 and has been Head Teaching Professional at Copperleaf since 2016

He is a qualified assessor of the PGA’s coaching programme and has devoted a lot of his time to making sure the apprentices are up to speed with their coaching. He served on the KZN Regional Board and lectures the coaching subjects for the PGA of SA apprentice programme.

John also won the PGA Teacher of the Year award in 2006 – a clear indication that his teaching abilities have long been recognised and respected.  To mention but a few, Golf Digest recognised and named him one of the prominent Teacher’s outside of the USA in 2011.

John is an original thinker and a hard worker on the game and has arrived at a some mindblowing solutions for the short game.

We asked John about his coaching philosopy:

My coaching style has evolved over the years. I have very much focused on diagnosing the issues at hand and then finding the reason for them. Then implementing the simplest solution. Everybody swings so differently so I spend a lot of time on posture and correct body movement. Your body is the vehicle for the golf swing and better work well to support what the hands and arms are doing. Once a student is moving well then to help with the structure of the swing is a lot easier.