Matthew Cooke

Over the course of his career Matthew has experienced teaching at every level. Throughout that time, Matthew has continued to develop his knowledge on how people learn and become skillful. Since putting the whole idea of Game Like Training Golf into action, Matthew has spent countless hours conversing with world renowned scientists in Motor Learning, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience. Having strong relationships with like-minded people, Matthew strives to create and share information in a more practical way to educate and inspire the golfing world.

Career Highlights

  • Founder of Game Like Training Golf, a Golf Coach education company providing online courses, educational resources & golf coach services supported by multiple PGA organizations offering career development points.
  • Director of AJ Golf Academy, with 5 staff members delivering golf lessons and instruction to all ages, and all skill levels.
  • Author of ‘Expert Golfer – Truths on how to become one’ available on all major platforms, and in all major bookstores.
  • Author of 3 workbooks (GLT Short Game, Long Game, & Golf Course Workbooks) sold in 34 countries on 3 continents.
  • Host of the ‘GLT Podcast Show’, hosted on ITunes reaching over 250,000 people.
  • Research partner of Len Hill PhD, and Dr. K Anders Ericsson of Florida State University.
  • Past coach to LET (Ladies European Tour) players, Men’s Euro Pro, and Men’s European Tour players.