Nico van Eeden

Nico van Eeden – Head of Golf

Die Hoërskool Menlopark Gholf Akademie

What led you to becoming a PGA Professional?


I played professionally on the Sunshine Tour and Mini- Tours in the US but always felt that I wanted to help others become better at playing the game we all love so dearly.
How long have you been in your current position?


4 years
What does your job entail?


The planning and implementation of all golf activities at Die Hoërskool Menlopark.

My Duties included the following:

·         Planning the schools golf development program.

·         Managing all league and tournament activities.

·         Running all day to day golf operations.

·         Writing and updating golf as a school subject syllabus.

·         Conducting classes for Grade 8 and Grade 9 Learners who chose golf as an additional subject.

·         Drawing up and grading of exam papers.

·         Working with the coaching staff in implementing improvement strategies for each learner.

·         Conducting lessons.

·         Planning of school golf tours and matches.

·         Engaging with parents regarding their children’s golfing progress.

·         Engaging with teachers regarding learner’s academic performance.


Do you have any environmental or sustainability goals that you have met and would like to share?


·         Expand our program further by helping primary schools in our area.

·         Maintaining and delivering a tour level experience to our learners.

·         In the long term I would like to develop golf into a school sport by establishing more centres located at schools and by doing so exposing more learners to the sport.


Please give us a brief outline of the path you took to lead you to your current position ·         Played professionally from 2005-2010

·         Started coaching mid 2009.

·         Coached numerous players to national and international titles and positions. Worked extensively with Special Olympic golfers to create more opportunities for mentally handicapped golfers.

·         Die Hoërskool Menlopark approached me in late 2015 to start a school golf program with the main focus of developing golf into a school sport and by doing so creating the opportunity for more learners to play golf.


Why do you feel that you would be a good candidate to win this award?


It is my opinion that I am good candidate for this award based on the following facts:

·         Our program has grown from 4 learners at the end of 2015 to a current 116 learners.

·         Our school entered 14 teams in the 2019 schools league.

·         Our program has delivered 11 players that have represented various provinces on different levels.

·         We have been blessed with players that have won national and international titles.

·         Our program has granted the opportunity for players who are mentally handicapped as well as players who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to play golf.