Paul McKenzie

Paul McKenzie – Senior Coach

Pure Motion Golf Academy

Pure Motion Golf Academy


What led you to becoming a PGA Professional?


My interest in golf was sparked as a young boy, when I would watch the Masters Tournaments with my father. He introduced me to the game of golf, and playing became first and foremost, and my love for the sport grew from there. As a youngster I was always first in line to assist others in their tasks/jobs, anything that needed to be done, helping others seemed a natural instinct. At 16 I joined Rondebosch Golf Club as a prentice member, and soon became involved organizing events which then led to me being the founder of the RGC Junior Committee. During my time at RGC I also held the office of Vice-Captain, then Captain, over a period of three years. By age 23 though a decision had to be made regarding a career. The unexpected and tragic loss of my father had left me with a choice to make, complete my B.Comm degree, or take the steps towards following my passion. And so, golf became my career of choice.


Initially showing an interest for administration or coaching, I started at RGC as Assistant Manager in charge of Food and Beverage, but soon found being behind a desk was not quite the match I was seeking at the time. By December 2000 I had left RGC and starting an Apprenticeship under Jamie Gough, where I helped open Kenilworth Driving Range. It was there that I realised that Teaching/Coaching aligned with my core nature of helping others, and I could do this within the sport I loved. From Kenilworth I moved over to The Royal Cape Golf Club and studied further under former PGA Chairman Craig Ross. Eventually I ended back at my home club, RGC, where I completed my training under Kevin Booysen. Over the years I have unfortunately had to move in and out of the industry, and I had to give up the game for a while. My experiences varied from administrative work, managing a golf retail outlet and transcribing. Then the opportunity came about to managing a high-end guesthouse hosting international visitors. This enabled me to become a qualified Tour Guide and along with operating the guesthouse I was the onsite Golf Professional, offering both private lessons and golf tours.


This is where the return to golf itself as my core career happened. I found a position at Durbanville Golf Club and working under the Pure Motion banner. The exhilaration of teaching and watching people, and in particular the youngsters, grow and develop reminded me exactly why Golf and Coaching are so wonderful to be a part of.


How long have you been in your current position?


3 years
What does your job entail?


There are various aspects to the position:

Range and on Course coaching cover the main purpose or activities for the job but also include organizing and running Holiday Programs for Juniors including marketing, budgeting, invoicing, supplying and employing and paying employees for these programs.

Member and Client relationship activities.

Hosting ladies Clinics.

Hosting clinics for the learners at the various schools in the immediate area.

Ensuring that new apprentices are signed up and working through the PGA guidelines and regulations and assisting in their development.

Continue to develop and drive business into DGC, Pure Motion and build personal client base.

Managing range and range staff when needed or appropriate and currently operating driving range manually during COVID-19 restrictions.


Do you have any environmental or sustainability goals that you have met and would like to share?



As a company Pure Motion focuses on growth and empowering students through the game of golf.

We have been physically involved in developing juniors and adults alike within the greater community and in particular with the course staff who are keen and able golfers, through Coaching, Funding and access to range facilities at no cost.


Please give us a brief outline of the path you took to lead you to your current position  

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Why do you feel that you would be a good candidate to win this award?


How does one answer what qualifies you as a candidate when you have been nominated for an award?

In 20 years in the industry I have gone from being a apprentice to a AAA PGA Professional and from a teaching professional to a casual cashier and back again, so resilience and commitment come to mind. I have felt that I have always thought through situations as a business owner rather than that of an employee, and so I believe my mindset is somewhat different. Since arriving at Pure Motion, not only have I developed as a person and coach, but I feel as though I have shown what turnover levels are possible and how successful one can be through relationship building and perseverance.