PGA Programme Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to join the apprenticeship programme of the PGA of South Africa.

The application process:

1. Complete the required reading:

2. Complete the Roles & Responsibilities Form:

Download and complete the: Roles & Responsibilities Form

3. Complete a criminal check

  • We need to do a criminal check on all our applicants, to make sure they don’t have a record of child abuse or a criminal record.
  • We have an agency that does the check for us and by signing the form you give the agency permission to run the check.
  • We will only accept a criminal record check from our agency & no other check that has been done.
  • You don’t have to pay for the criminal record check & the report will be e-mailed directly to us.
  • Fingerprints are taken via a biometric scanner.
  • Please remember to take your ID Book or Passport with you.

Below is the procedure to be followed to get the check done:

  1. Download and complete the: iFacts Consent for the use of Personal Information Form.
  2. Complete the form below to tell the PGA Education Department when you will be available for the finger prints appointment. (We will make the appointment for you; unfortunately you can’t make the appointment yourself.)
  3. We will confirm the date, time & address for the appointment.
  4. If you won’t be able to make the scheduled appointment, please let us know 24 hrs in advance, so that we can
    advise them of the cancellation.
  5. Please inform the education department when you have done the fingerprints

4. Collect Supporting documentation

The following documents are required so that you can upload them with the application form below:

  1. A digital colour photograph  (head and shoulders).
  2. Completed iFacts Consent for the use of Personal Information Form.
  3. Copy of ID, Driver’s License or Passport.
  4. Completed Roles and Responsibilities for 3 year Apprenticeship form.
  5. Proof of handicap (must be 4 or lower for men & 7 or lower for women).
  6. Signed employment contract with your mentor Pro or club (you must be employed on a full time basis).
  7. Complete CV.
  8. Proof of highest qualification (Matric certificate or further education).
  9. Proof of playing ability – Scores from tournaments that you played in with 2 x 78 for men and 82 for ladies, or better.

5. Complete the application form

  • Complete the form below.
  • Once your entry has been processed you will be contacted by the Education Department.
  • An application fee of R2500 is applicable on confirmation of submission.
Application form:

    1. Personal Details & Contact information

    2. Banking Details

    3. Finger Print Appointment for Criminal Check

    3. Next of kin

    4. Educational Qualifications

    5. Employment details

    6. Mentor Professional

    7. Supporting Documents