R&A Bursary through PGA Pathway Program

R&A Bursary through PGA Pathway Program in conjunction with GolfRSA/WGSA, PGA of SA and WPGA

“If your job involves doing what you love you will never work a day in your life.”

GolfRSA/Womens Golf South Africa, the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa (PGA) and the Womens Professional Golf Association South Africa(WPGA) submitted a proposal to the R&A for the development of Women PGA Professionals to assist with the growth of women’s participation across golf clubs and events in South Africa.

As part of its intention to support Women in Golf, the R&A has granted a bursary for three suitable candidates to study and complete the PGA of South Africa’s Pathway to Membership. See the Woman in Golf Charter at https://www.randa.org/en/theranda/initiatives/womenandgolfcharter


Three bursaries are available to suitable candidates and each bursary covers the PGA academic fees, joining fees, subs and TAT fees and the costs of attending the week of annual lectures.


Living costs are not subsidised and are for the bursary holder’s own expense

Introduction to your journey

Like PGA’s worldwide, the PGA of South Africa has a rigorous 3-year Pathway to Membership which prospective PGA members need to tread. Those who arrive at the destination qualify for membership of an elite body that will enhance the graduate’s career in the golf industry.


The pathway is made up of an inspirational and instructive academic programme that is backed up by practical training on the job working under a PGA qualified mentor. It includes subjects such as Coaching, Equipment Technology, Sports Science, Business, Rules of Golf, Golf World and Personal Development.


PGA members are typically Coaches, Directors of Golf, Tournament Administrators, Retailers, Club Managers, Rules Officials, Golf Administrators, Custom Fitters; the possibilities in the industry are numerous.

If you see yourself having a career in golf then this programme is for you.

To find out more about careers in golf have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiqZv3Hgi4I and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M4VdTW2RCs and for more about the programme https://pga.co.za/3-year-pga-programme/

Please note that entering the programme would involve loss of amateur status.

Pathway Criteria

In order to qualify to begin on the PGA’s pathway to membership the candidate must:

  • Be proficient at golf
  • Working full time in the golf industry
  • Have a PGA mentor
  • Have a matric – the programme is equivalent to a Level 5 programme and therefore Level 4 (matric) is required.

Bursary Criteria

Factors that will be taken into account when deciding on suitable candidates will be:

  • Motivation for wanting to become PGA qualified.
  • Previous Educational performance and participation at a school level.
  • Golfing excellence
  • Social responsibility
  • Performance and conduct at current and previous places of work and institutions.


The bursary holders would also be required to give back by participating in women’s golf activities in the amateur game, such as coaching in the GolfRSA – Women’s Golf Development Programme and/or Squad structure. These will be specified by Womens’ Golf South Africa in consultation with the bursary holders.

In addition, bursary holders will be expected to uphold the following standards in order to qualify for bursaries the following year.

  • Pass all assignments and exams with a mark of at least 50%
  • Be reliable at work and exhibit conduct befitting a proud PGA member
  • Participate in PGA events
  • Have no disciplinary infringements

Should any of these criteria not be met by a bursary holder, GolfRSA/WGSA, PGA, WPGA and the R&A reserves the right to withdraw the bursary.

In order to apply for a bursary, the applicant must

  • Fill in a bursary application form for the academic year for which the bursary is applied.
  • Supply a letter of motivation for the bursary. The letter should state why you believe you deserve the bursary and you should describe how you see your career progressing in the golf industry.
  • Attach a CV

If you feel you qualify for a bursary please email your Bursary Application Form and Letter of Motivation by
17h00 on 16 October 2020 to:

Womens Golf South Africa (Secretary, Verucia Bell): secretary@wgsa.co.za

Or to the PGA’s Education and Training Manager, Andrew Gunn, at andrew@pga.co.za