Stuart Blackie

Stuart Blackie

Owner of Blackbird-Golf based at Randpark Club

Joint owner of Gets Golf

Joint head professional at Randpark Club



What led you to becoming a PGA Professional?


Love and passion for golf
How long have you been in your current position?


23 Months.


What does your job entail?


Jointly all the coaching at Randpark Club

Jointly operate and coach the RCP Elite Junior Academy

Jointly operate the Wellputt putting studio


Do you have any environmental or sustainability goals that you have met and would like to share?


Making use of CoachNow platform in order to prevent waste of paper and printing, while been able to supply our clients the best feedback.


Please give us a brief outline of the path you took to lead you to your current position  I Joined the Gary Player Golf Experience in 2008, I was fortunate to work alongside some of the best coaches in the business, the likes of Richard Kaplan. In many ways GPGE pushed my coaching and experience into hyperdrive.

I moved to Randpark Club in 2017 as Golf Operations Manager, I was very blessed when the Club went through a transformation and the CEO of the Club Francois Swart supported my coaching dream allowing me to move back to coaching and open Blackbird-Golf.

Randpark Coaching Professionals with friend and business partner Darren Witter (Golfers Masterclass) was also born at the same time. We continue to push coaching boundaries and have since opened Gets Golf and Wellputt in South Africa.


Why do you feel that you would be a good candidate to win this award?


This is my fifth nomination in as many years, I believe my coaching consistency, performance, results and ability to embrace change would make me a very worthy candidate.