PGA Apprenticeship


Requirements to do apprenticeship-

  • Full time employment in the golf industry
  • Working under a AA PGA mentor professional
  • Handicap of 4 or better for men and 7 for ladies
  • Matric or equivalent

Process for joining-

  • Contact Education@pga.co.za for access to online application.
  • Complete the online registration process – January to Mid-March 2020.
  • PGA to invoice R2500 application fee
  • Send proof of payment
  • An interview will be set up
  • A playing ability test might need to be played
  • On acceptance joining fees will be payable
  • Academic fees are payable annually

The apprenticeship process-

  • One week of compulsory lectures are held annually in Johannesburg
  • Monthly Assignments
  • 1st year teaching ability test
  • Exams
  • 2nd year Event management practical
  • 3rd year Teaching and Custom Fitting practical
  • PGA Graduation!

Advantages of being a PGA member-

  • Qualified to hold a position in the golf industry
  • Industry opportunities
  • Access to CPD education
  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Tournaments
  • Belonging to the PGA family