Anna Becker-Frankel

Anna Becker-Frankel –   Head Professional PGA Coach


Anna Becker-Frankel


What led you to becoming a PGA Professional?


After been playing for the Swedish National Team for 8 years, college golf in the U.S at Texas A& M university for 4 years and on a few professional Tours as a Professional Tour player, I wanted to ( and still do) spread and share my knowledge about this amazing game to others.
How long have you been in your current position?


Since 2010
What does your job entail?


I coach and teach any calibre of player; from beginner to elite…groups and individual classes…. from young kids to old people…. locals and internationals as well as both disabled and previously disadvantaged people. I provide a safe coaching platform for anyone who wants to become better at this game. I teach with a holistic approach in mind where I consider the physical, mental and technical aspects. For my better players, I use my playing background as a guide as well. However, enjoyment for each individual, is a keyword in my teaching philosophy.
Do you have any environmental or sustainability goals that you have met and would like to share?


I’ve always wanted to create an environment for juniors to grow as humans through the game of golf.

This vision does not only entail golf coaching, but also, it provides a competitive platform for the juniors.
In 2020, I managed to achieve this dream of mine by adding on a couple of competitive divisions in my ” development ladder” of Tournaments.

In doing this , I managed to reach my vision below:

A young junior golfer, a toddler in fact, can now compete and grow under MY umbrella at Devonvale from the day he/she starts hitting the ball forward until he/she reaches the absolute top level of junior golf in the world.

My competitions are called the following:

1. Anna’s Squirrels (beginners to intermediate with forward tees….5 to 9 holes depending on calibre) (10 events per year)

2. Anna’s Powerballs (intermediate to elite….18 holes stroke play)
( 10 events per year)

3. Friends of Engelberg hosted by Anna (WORLD RANKING EVENT) 54 holes stroke play. (1 event per year)

Please give us a brief outline of the path you took to lead you to your current position After my 6 years as a Professional Tour player in Europe (including Asia, Sweden and SA), I chose Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate to be my home and work place.

I started with nothing actually….no golf cart, no iPad, no shade ports or hitting bays, no practice green and a new country ….But today I am well settled and enjoying the luxury of all of the above including an investment of fancy technology such as Flight Scope.

I started alongside another coach at Devonvale and after 3 years I took over as the Head Coach.

I also coach the Boland Ladies & Juniors as well as the National Squad for Women’s Golf SA. (assisting Val Holland)

Why do you feel that you would be a good candidate to win this award?



PGA COACH of the year
I believe I provide a safe platform for any person who would like to advance their knowledge in this amazing game. I am extremely passionate about my work and I always further my own knowledge with extra classes in appropriate fields. In addition, I am able to coach in 6 languages which gives me a very diverse group of clientele. My youngest player is 2 years old and my oldest is 94, beginners to Tour Professionals, locals and internationals. I am also working with disabled players as well as previously disadvantaged people. I am thoroughly finding enjoyment in giving all these different players the knowledge and love to pursue this amazing game.

GROW GOLF COACH of the year –
I believe I have built one of the best junior coaching / competitive platforms in the country. Not only do I run a successful GLG program and a private Intermediate to Elite coaching set up, but I have also created a competitive platform for kids to grow their love and understanding for the game on the golf course. I’m now referring to Anna’s Squirrels (beginner) Anna’s Powerballs (intermediate) and Friends of Engelberg hosted by Anna (Elite….World Ranking Event).I believe this would be the ideal set up for a junior who wants to walk the journey of competitive golf.

I have currently about 100 kids, from all types of back grounds, enrolled in my various activities; from junior groups, to squad sessions to individual Tour Professionals. I also teach many ladies and families who are keen to play.

With this diversity of players and the opportunity that I have created for the juniors to compete with the FUNdamentals as my point of focus, I truly believe that I am growing this game of golf immensely.

I love what I do and I am truly passionate about teaching ANYONE who wants to enjoy this game called golf.